Insulated metal panels (IMPs) have been around for many years and continue to play an important role in building construction as they offer many benefits and incentives. They consist of two single-skin metal panels and a foamed in-place core. IMPs are sealed at the side laps and all perimeter boundaries. The excellent R-values that are achieved with IMPs provide enhanced energy performance for buildings utilizing our products. Using IMPs for your building projects yield many advantages, not only for the building owner, but also for the building designer and erector. Take a look at more of the benefits of designing with insulated metal panels.


Architectural Insulated Metal Wall Panel

The Architectural insulated metal wall panel features a stucco-embossed face with flushed seams and, as the name implies, is ideal for architectural applications.

CF Flute Insulated Metal Wall Panel

CF Flute insulated metal wall panels feature bold, vertical lines to create an industrial look with superior thermal performance.


Striated Insulated Metal Wall Panel

The Striated insulated metal wall panel pairs the look of a conventional flat wall with the insulation benefits of a polyurethane core.

CFR Insulated Metal Roof Panel

The CFR insulated metal roof panel is easy to install and provides superior weathertight performance.


Santa Fe® Insulated Metal Wall Panel

The Santa Fe® insulated metal wall panel’s flat exterior has a heavily embossed, stucco texture.

LS-36™ Insulated Metal Roof and Wall Panel

The LS-36™ insulated metal roof and wall panel combines a polyurethane foam core with the exterior profile of the industry-standard R panel.


HPCI Barrier™ Insulated Metal Wall Panel

The HPCI Barrier™ insulated metal wall panel provides thermal, air, water and vapor protection and continuous insulation to any type of façade.

Tuff Wall® Insulated Metal Wall Panel

Tuff Wall® insulated metal wall panels deliver the masonry look of stucco with the thermal performance of an insulated metal panel.


7.2 Insul-Rib™ Insulated Metal Wall Panel

7.2 Insul-Rib™ insulated metal wall panel has a profile with symmetrical ribs spaced 7.2 inches apart and a polyurethane foam core.

Tuff-Cast™ Insulated Metal Wall Panel

Tuff-Cast™ insulated metal wall panels are an attractive and energy-efficient alternative to pre-cast concrete.


CF Mesa, Light Mesa and Partition Insulated Metal Wall Panel

The CF Mesa, Light Mesa and Partition insulated metal wall panels are ideal for exterior wall and interior partition wall applications.

ThermalSafe® Fire Resistant Panel

ThermalSafe® is a composite panel with a core made from non-combustible structural mineral wool boards.

Insulated Metal Panel Advantages.

IMPs are strong enough to allow for fewer structural supports than single skin panels due to greater spanning and load bearing capabilities, providing an economical and efficient building envelope.

IMPs allow for fast erection times and easy installation, resulting in reduced labor costs and earlier business starts.

Metal roof and wall systems require minimal maintenance and can lead to potential cost savings over their lifetime, including energy costs, maintenance costs and more.

Because of the insulating capabilities of IMPs, less insulation space is needed to comply with building energy efficiency codes compared to fiberglass systems. Buildings using non-rigid insulation such as fiberglass can require up to four times the amount of insulation space compared to IMPs.

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